Menu for Etna Brewery & Taphouse

Burgers, sandwiches, and wraps served with your choice of side: Side green salad, a freshly made house salad, Tortilla chips, or Kettle chips

Specialty Burgers

Local raised, grass fed beef barbecued on the grill. Served with tomato, lettuce, red onion Add Avocado $0.75

Drunken Onion

1/2 pound beef steak burger with Swiss cheese, fresh garlic aioli, and topped with onions caramelized in our Old Grind Porter

Bacon Onion Mushroom

1/2 pound beef steak burger with crispy bacon, Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions, topped with fresh garlic aioli

Blues Burger

1/2 pound beef steak burger with crispy bacon, Cheddar cheese, blue cheese crumbles and blue cheese dressing

Jalapeno Burger

1/2 pound beef steak burger with crispy bacon, jalapeno peppers, pepper jack cheese, and topped with our spicy Sriracha aioli

Ortega Burger

1/2 pound beef steak burger with pepper jack cheese, and topped with our house-made green chili aioli


1/2 pound beef steak burger with cheddar cheese, mayo and mustard

Seasonal Soups & Chili

Soup and Salad Combo

A bowl of our special house-made Soup (winter months only) or Pub Chili, mixed greens topped with cucumbers and carrots, served with a roll

Pub Chili

Made fresh with our Old Grind Porter and topped with Cheddar cheese and red onion
Cup $5.00
Bowl $6.00

Soup of the Day

Our special house-made soup is prepared fresh each day during the Winter and Spring months. Ask for selections and availability
Cup $4.00
Bowl $5.00


Veggie Burger

Topped with your choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo and mustard on a brioche bun

Ultimate Cheese Quesadilla

Cheddar and pepper jack cheese with red onion, black olives, banana peppers all grilled in a flour tortilla. Served with a side of salsa

Specialty Sandwiches

Taproom Turkey

Turkey, bacon, crisp lettuce, red onion, and cranberry aioli on sourdough bread
Half $8.50
Whole $10.50

Burly Beef

Tender roast beef, Swiss cheese, lightly sauteed red onion and green peppers, with our house-made horseradish aioli on multi-grain bread
Half $8.50
Whole $10.50

Caper Tuna

Albacore tuna with mayo, capers, red onion, crisp leaf lettuce, and tomato on multi-grain bread
Half $8.50
Whole $10.50

Hot Sandwiches

Rosemary Ham

Cured honey-baked ham, Swiss cheese, red onion, tomato, mayo, mustard and brushed with olive oil and rosemary on a grilled ciabatta roll

Rancho BLT

Bacon, Kappler spread, crisp lettuce, tomato, red onion with a ranch drizzle on toasted sourdough bread

Drunken Onion Roast Beef

Roast beef, Swiss cheese, garlic aioli, and onions caramelized in our Old Grind Porter on a grilled ciabatta roll

Ortega Beef

Roast beef, pepper jack cheese, red onion, and Ortega chili aioli on a grilled ciabatta

Super Tuna Melt

Albacore caper tuna, cheddar cheese, red onion, and tomato on grilled sourdough

Classic Krab Melt

Krab, pepper jack cheese, mild banana peppers, red onion, and pesto cream cheese on grilled sourdough


Turkey, Swiss cheese, Kappler spread, artichoke hearts, red onion, and mild banana peppers on a grilled ciabatta roll

Chicken Club

Grilled chicken breast, ham, bacon, tomato, red onion, cheddar cheese and Kappler spread on a grilled ciabatta

Turkey Club

Turkey, bacon, red onion, Swiss cheese, mustard and mayo on a grilled ciabatta


All salads served with a bread roll and butter

Apple, Blue Cheese, and Walnut

Fresh mixed greens with apples, blue cheese, caramelized walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Asian Chicken

Fresh greens tossed with chicken, sliced almonds, chow-mein noodles, mandarin oranges, and sesame soy dressing

Chicken Caesar

Romaine tossed with chicken, caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, and garlic croutons


Fresh greens tossed with turkey, feta cheese, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, cucumbers, red onion and raspberry vinaigrette


All wraps served on your choice of a flour, sundried tomato, or spinach tortilla


Artichoke hearts, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, black olives, feta cheese, spinach leaves, and house made hummus

Kappler Wrap

Turkey, Kappler spread, spinach leaves, artichoke hearts, black olives, and mild banana peppers

Big Bird Cordon Blue

Turkey, ham, honey mustard dressing, Kappler spread, red onion, and romaine lettuce

Feta Turkey

Turkey, feta cheese, pesto cream cheese, olives, cucumber, red onion, and spinach leaves

The Wrangler

Roast beef, cheddar cheese, crisp romaine lettuce, mild banana peppers, red onion, black olives, and our spicy western sauce

Kids Menu

Kids plate

Turkey and slices of Cheddar cheese. Served with olives and apple slices

Grilled Cheese

Served with apple slices

Ham and Cheese Quesadilla

Served with olives and apple slices

Mini pizza

Served with olives and apple slices


Served with apple slices

Small Bites

Chicken Quesadilla

Pepper jack, cheddar, black olives, banana peppers, tomato, red onion, in a grilled flour tortilla

Nacho Chili Bowl

Pub chili on top of tortilla chips, cheddar and mozzarella cheese and red onion


Turkey, spinach, cucumber, black olives, feta, red onion, pesto cream cheese, rolled in a flour tortilla

The Kappler

Turkey with spinach, artichoke hearts, banana peppers, black olives and Kappler spread rolled in a flour tortilla

Grilled Cheese

Pepper jack, Swiss, and cheddar cheese with Kappler spread and pesto cream cheese spread on toasted sourdough

Chip Baskets

Tortilla Chips & Salsa

Tortilla Chips & Hummus

Kettle Chips & BBQ Aioli

Celery, Carrots & Hummus


Homemade Cakes & Cupcakes

Ask for selections and availability
Slice $5.50
Cupcake $3.75

Root Beer Float

Made with our old fashioned root beer brewed in house

Kappler Float

A decadent delight made with our Famous Kappler Stout

Brownie Sundae

Warm, chewy brownie with walnuts topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup


Root Beer

Old fashioned and brewed in-house!

Iced Tea

Brewed with a hint of raspberry

Hot Tea or Coffee

Assortment of tea and fresh brewed coffee

Soft Drinks


Diet Pepsi

Sierra Mist

Dr. Pepper


Standard House Brews
Ask Your Server About Our Seasonal Beer Selection!

Blackberry Blond, Fruit-Wheat Ale

Color: Hazy yellow, Body: Light, Bitterness: Light, ABV: 4.8%, An unfiltered light wheat ale with subtle blackberry tones

Old Grind Porter, Brown Porter

Color: Deep garnet to black, Body: Medium, Bitterness: Moderate, ABV: 5.5%, Our award-winning Brown Porter, a rich, roasty, slightly bitter finish. Brewed from 9 different malts

Phoenix Red, Red Ale

Color: Amber/red, Body: Medium, Bitterness: Moderate, ABV: 6.8%, An Amber Ale with rich malty character and a smooth caramel and nut finish

Mossback APA, Strong American Pale Ale

Color: Rich copper, Body: Medium, Bitterness: High, ABV: 6.8%, A complex, well-balanced Strong American Pale Ale. The rich, malty start will finish to crisp citrus bitterness. Our most popular beer on tap!

Classic Gold, English Light Ale

Color: Straw, Body: Light, Bitterness: Low, ABV: 5.0%, A well-balanced light ale. Lightly bittered with hops from the UK

Rustler’s Reserve, Pale Ale

Color: Deep yellow, Body: Light, Bitterness: Medium to light, ABV: 5.0%, A traditional style ale yet brewed with Pilsner malt and fermented with an ale yeast. Formulated for Etna’s Ol’ Timer Rodeo to honor our rural American heritage

High Gravity Brews

XX IPA, Imperial IPA

Color: Deep Copper, Body: Full, Bitterness: High, yet not harsh, ABV: 9.0%, Locked and loaded with big malty sweet tones, huge citrus hop bitterness, Mossback APA’s big brother.

Kappler Stout, Russian Imperial Stout

Color: Black, Body: Full, Bitterness: Medium, ABV: 8.5%, Another award winner. Smooth and extremely complex with a rich finish. Big body – big alcohol – big taste!