Our Beer

Regular Brews

Classic Gold Ale

“First Choice”

Lightly hopped
English style golden ale.
This liquid gold is
the first choice of
Etna Beer drinkers.

Phoenix Red

“The Original Redneck Red”

A rich amber ale with
the malty characteristics
and a smooth caramel
and nut finish.

Blackberry Blonde

“Hubba Hubba!”

A light wheat ale.
A highly drinkable brew with a pungent burst
of natural blackberry.

Old Grind Porter

“The Working Man’s Brew”

Brewed from nine
different malts this
porter is exceptionally smooth, rich in flavor
and well-balanced.

Mossback APA


A complex,
Strong American
Pale Ale.
The rich, malty start
will finish to crisp
citrus bitterness.
Our most popular
beer on tap!

Rustler’s Reserve


A traditional style ale
yet brewed with
Pilsner malt
and fermented with
an ale yeast.
Formulated for Etna’s
Ol’ Timer Rodeo
to honor our rural
American heritage

High Gravity Brews


Locked and loaded with big malty sweet tones,
huge citrus hop bitterness, Mossback APA’s big brother.

Kappler Stout

Another award winner. Smooth and extremely complex with a rich finish.
Big body – big alcohol – big taste!

Seasonal Brews


An Etna Brewing Co Wintertime favorite!
The Sno-Wookie can be described as a well-rounded stout with deep roasted espresso flavor and light caramel tones.

Scotch Ale